Thesis Threads

a collection of posts on that grad life

My nose has been buried in a book since I can remember, and as a child, I dreamt of grand libraries with floor to ceiling shelves and endless stacks of books I could bring home to curl up with. The small branch library in my town would suffice and check out, read, and return was a steady cycle in my household. My father is fond of telling stories of us walking down our neighborhood hand in hand, and as a toddler, my chubby fingers pierced the space between me and any letter that stood in my path, from billboards to storefronts to bus benches, that jab only rivaled by the proud exclamation of each letter I pointed at. Now, as an adult and primed on a path into the deep hull of academia, I reflect on how I was born and bred for this journey. My love for the written only manifested itself tenfold in an all consuming desire to produce my own interpretations. Read, reflect, and write is the new cadence that drives my deep voyage into knowledge. Endless stacks of books are ever so present in all my work spaces, but it is accompanied by a well established workflow that includes systems and technology to support this developing cycle.

thesis threads began as a collection of random notes to guide my novice attempts of scholarship and research. I hope to grow and foster it to become a comprehensive guide for all those who find themselves compelled to navigate the same path to seek knowledge. Thank you for joining me. Kick off your shoes, pour yourself a cup of tea, and stay awhile.

As you settle in, if I may suggest a good place to start: Humble Origins.

[Photo is courtesy of the JJ Hill Reference Library and used under the CreativeCommons.]